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SOLD items 2011 archive 1 item details : 
Wharfedale  E50
stand / front   speakers

Wharfedale  E50 speakers  :  size scale
Wharfedale  E50 speakers  :  right  profile

Wharfedale  E50 speakers  :  drivers closeup
Wharfedale  E50 speakers  : backs  view

Wharfedale  E50 speakers  :  grilles on
Wharfedale  E50 speakers  :  top  view
   SOLD   February 2011, selected from Oldies but Goodies, to Thames
S/Ns: 81-3089 / 81-3090
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    Wharfedale   E50 3-way stand / front speakers
   High quality  3-way  front-vented  speakers
   Suited to mounting on stands, use as stereo main speakers, or home theatre front speakers

Tiffs and Toffs review :   Wharfedale E50 : Floorstanding full range speakers in walnut veneer reflex cabinets :
3-way bass, mid range and treble drive units set behind quality machined aluminium face plates with variable cross-over for bass and treble contour adjustment set by solid machined aluminium controls

The E Series Wharfedales were produced during the late 1970s / early 1980s and the range consists of 6 models - the E20, E30, E50, E70, E90 and E90PRO, the numbers relating to the volume of the cabinets in litres
The speakers were largely overlooked by the press when launched due to the new realization that the source was the first key to high fidelity, not the loudspeaker as was the previous accepted position. Almost overnight, media attention moved to the new philosophy of high precision turntables and pickups, high power solid state amplifiers and low efficiency speakers which were often difficult to drive with power sucking heavy duty crossover arrangements and highly reactive loads

In stark contrast, the E Series were designed as a mid - high level speaker for use with the low output transistor and valve amps which had hitherto been the norm. The E stands for high efficiency which means that the speakers work well with low - medium power amps and are noted for their excellent performance with valve amplifiers. High efficiency speakers allow an amplifier to work less hard to produce a given level of sound output. This means that the amplifier operates with greater reserve power or headroom for transients and loud passages, and with a lower level of distortion, resulting in a more pleasant listening experience with less chance of damaging the speakers from clipping due to amplifier overload

The Wharfedale E Series loudspeakers have been experiencing a renaissance in recent years as many audiophiles re-evaluate older loudspeakers in the light of the re-emergence of valve amplification, and a generation of new listeners comes to appreciate their build quality and open, exciting sound
The E50 and E70 models are considered the best balanced of the range and most sought after

Features :
  -:®:-   1986 - 1989 vintage
  -:®:-   Power Handling : 70W RMS  15 min - 130W peak
  -:®:-   Nominal Impedance : 8 ohms
  -:®:-   Drivers : 250mm [10"] woofer,  100mm [4"] Midrange,  1" Horn loaded compression type tweeter
  -:®:-   Tone controls : Front attenuators for midrange  and  high frequency levels
  -:®:-   Cabinet internal volume : 50lts
  -:®:-   Sensitivity: 95dB / 1W /1m
  -:®:-   Frequency range: 55Hz - 18Hz  +/- 3dB
  -:®:-   Divers : bass : 250mm,  100mm midrange,  25mm [1"] horn compression tweeter
  -:®:-   Size [ H x W x D ]: 670 x 340 x 340mm
  -:®:-   Weight : 21.4kg each  - 23kg packed each speaker

   Passed final listening testing,   further cosmetic improvements complete

   SOLD   February 2011 selected from Oldies but Goodies, to Thames


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